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In our work we use both physical and digital articulators, with average or individual values, such as, Kavo, Artex, Sam and Stratos.

Cad Cam processing

Thanks to CAD and CAM solutions, we guarantee a totally in-house production, with control of each step and in full compliance with all the current regulatory protocols

Adhesive bridges

Maryland Bridge and California Bridge are alternative solutions to invasive and more complex interventions

Adhesive reconstruction

Inlay, Onlay and Overlay ceramic fillings are made using the layered analogue technique or with the CAD/CAM system.

CAD-CAM Integral Ceramics

Through digital CAD / CAM technologies our dental laboratory is able to produce metal-free artifacts in short times, in some cases even without the aid of a model.

Integral Ceramics

We make inlays and veneers with lithium disilicate, both in analogue and CAD/CAM, combining high precision with excellent aesthetics.


We manufacture overdentures with different types of materials and attachments, from the traditional milled cobalt chrome, to the bars and barriers, hypoallergenic peek and graphene.

Implant prosthetics

We make prostheses for any type of implant with screwed or cemented techniques as single crown, bridges, prostheses on bars, Toronto bridges, All on four / Allo on six, immediate load, custom abutments in various materials.

Gnathological Byte

Odontoprogress specialises in the realisation of all types of orthodontic and orthognathic relaxation and preprostic bytes, we have also developed a protocol for the realisation of a particular Gnathological Byte for the mandibular repositioning and the resolution of temporomandibular problems.

Mobile prosthesis

Our mobile prostheses are made with traditional techniques, but also by using articulators with medium or individual values, ​​according to the Passamonti, Zollo Dalla Pietra, Gherber and simplified Slavicek techniques. We also work on customised solutions.

Skeletal Prosthesis

The skeletal prosthesis is maufactured  with both traditional technique (by fusion) and CAD/CAM digital systems, using several innovative materials such as acetal or peek.


In functional orthodontics we produce Planas plates, Simoes networks, Bracco PFB functional plates, Cervera PCF, Sander double plate, Twin Block, Bionator, Frankel. In mobile orthodontics we produce Ricketts plates, Boston plates, Hawley.

Acetal resin

Acetal resin is a new generation, millable and hypoallergenic material. We use it to produce bridges, skeletons, aesthetic hooks and substructures. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are carried out using composites in case of cut back or colour composites in case of painting alone.

Genius - Chirurgia Guidata

2INGIS® e Odontoprogress design and print individual medical devices with GENIUS® surgical guides. They can be totally heat sterilised at a 135° for respect of surgical chain. GENIUS® has the only open structure, thats allows view, irrigation and invasive surgery. GENIUS® accept all surgical standard drills and tools, sinus lift, implant drivers. All surgical techniques can be used without guide contact. Any contamination is excluded.

Fixed Prostheses

We manufacture fixed prostheses using a wide range of materials – such as ceramic metal, zirconia, graphene, peek, composites, and acetal resin – respecting the new technical protocols, from the creation of the model and articulator assembly to the finished device. 

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